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How to recover password stored in WinSCP session

If you forgotten a password for a server but you can still connect with WinSCP, which has the password saved. “Saved passwords are stored in a manner that they can easily be recovered.” (

You can recover password stored in WinSCP Session with the following steps :

1. See Log passwords and other sensitive information preference option. Then inspect the session log file to find the stored password. Open your WinSCP than tools>preferenses>logging

recover password winscp01

2. Check the box like the picture

recover password winscp01


3. Please try login to your server to create a session log.
4. Open the session log file by click date modified to get a new temp file.

recover password winscp02

5. Open the file with notepad, Than you can see your password stored 🙂

recover password winscp03

That’s why you should NEVER store your password to WinSCP session without using master password. Read more about security of stored credentials.

Remember, once you recover your password, change it to a new one, and DO NOT store it again!
If you want to continue storing your password, protect it by master password.

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