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Gimbal Calibration Methods For Xiro Xplorer

Gimbal calibration required for calibrated camera position on gimbal


Use the latest versions of the gimbal firmware (20150521) and the flight control firmware (20150710 or 20150723), or it can’t be calibrated; The calibration methods is also suit for gimbal G;
Begin to Calibrate

1. Place the aircraft in the horizontal position, power on the remote controller and the aircraft, and then press the bottoms of IOC, Home and Auto-Take off/Landing in sequence;

2. Roll down the left wheel (Flight Indicators Brightness Control Scroll Wheel) and the right wheel (Camera Pitch Control Scroll Wheel) to the bottom and keep it for 2s, and then release it;

3. The gimbal is in Power Off state (the camera don’t adjust itself when touching it);



1. Fix the gimbal with the gimbal clamp;

2. Press up the bottoms of IOC, Home and Auto-Take off/Landing in sequence, and the gimbal will be in Power On state, which indicates that the calibration is finished;



1. Power off the aircraft, the remote control and then take off the gimbal clamp;
2. At last, power on the remote control and the aircraft to check the gimbal, if it’s in the horizontal position, the gimbal is calibrated successfully.


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